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ci.debian.org and needs-recommends

On Fri, May 09, 2014 at 12:14:15AM +0200, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> Hi,
> I started to create a few DEP-8 tests and have questions about the
> result:
> haskell-yesod-bin uses the "needs-recommends" feature. Judging from
> http://ci.debian.net/data/unstable-amd64/packages/h/haskell-yesod-bin/2014-05-08.log
> this causes the test to be skipped altogether. Is that not yet supported
> on ci.debian.net?

This was added in autopkgtest 2.15 but 2.14.1 is on hold on
ci.debian.net due to #747041. This was fixed on 2.16.1 and I will pick
that version as soon as it hits testing.

> And if all tests are skipped, maybe it should not be
> shown as successfull, but rather as unknown on
> http://ci.debian.net/#package/haskell-yesod-bin

That is a very good point. debci just uses the diagnostic provided by
autopkgtest, so that is probably something that has to be changed in
autopkgtest. From adt-run(1):

       0    all tests passed
       1    unexpected failure (the python interpreter invents this exit status)
       2    at least one test skipped
       4    at least one test failed
       6    at least one test failed and at least one test skipped
       8    no tests in this package

Perhaps in the case when all tests are skipped adt-run should exit with
8 instead of 2?

> haskell-hoogle also has tests, the latest log at
> http://ci.debian.net/data/unstable-amd64/packages/h/haskell-hoogle/2014-05-08.log
> is marked as failing, and I was surprised that this is the case. Now I
> found out that tests must not write to stderr. Isn?t that quite
> annoying? I removed the "set -x" from the scripts, but I found them to
> be useful.

Sadly that is how DEP-8 was designed. You need to specify `allow-stderr` in the

Even then, the stderr output is shown separated from the stdin one. What I
usually do in my packages is this:

        set -x
        exec 2>&1

so that the output of `set -x` will make some sense.

Antonio Terceiro <terceiro at debian.org>
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