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DEP8 tests using the built package source

* Martin Pitt <mpitt at debian.org>, 2014-03-20, 11:17:
>>>autopkgtest calls dpkg-buildpackage to do the actual package build, 
>>>so for adding this to autopkgtest explicitly, we could add a flag for 
>>>that and call dpkg-buildpackage --target.
>>If by "a flag" you meant "a new restriction", then it sounds good to 
>>me. :)
>I actually mean a new optional field, as the build target is not really 
>a restriction.

What I had in mind is that instead of

	Tests: foo
	Restrictions: build-needed

you could write something akin

	Tests: foo
	Restrictions: partial-build-needed

(I don't actually need the flexibility of choosing my own target name; 
but I don't mind it either.)

>I. e. either
>  Tests: foo
>  Build-Target: testonly
>  [...]
>Or we actually use the "Features:" field for that; so far there are no 
>defined features, but it could perhaps look like
>  Tests: foo
>  Features: build-target=testonly
>Which would then expect a "testonly" debian/rules target.

I like the idea of adding a new feature. It is better for backwards 
compatibility than adding new restriction or a new field. Older test 
runners, who don't grok the new feature yet, will simply ignore it, and 
everything will still work (only slightly slower).

Jakub Wilk

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