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Creating Debian VMs [was: Bits from the autopkgtest maintainer]

Hey all,

Martin Pitt [2014-02-27 17:38 +0100]:
>  * adt-virt-qemu: Run tests in QEMU/KVM. This comes with a script
>    adt-buildvm-ubuntu-cloud(1) which conveniently builds an appropriate VM
>    image for an Ubuntu release. See the manpages for details, and
>    README.running-tests.gz for an overview of this server.
>    I'd really like to have a script to build a VM image for current
>    Debian sid. As Debian doesn't have daily VM images to base this on, I
>    appreciate ideas how to approach this.

This problem is now solved. With https://bugs.debian.org/740310 fixed,
vmdebootstrap is a good enough solution for this (it still requires
root privileges, though).

I now added a setup script and instructions to autopkgtest how to use
it with adt-virt-qemu:



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