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Redesigning the autopkgtest controller/workers CI system for Ubuntu and Debian

Sorry for the delay.

>>>>> Martin Pitt <mpitt at debian.org> writes:

    > Martin Pitt [2014-03-14  6:31 +0100]:
    >> The problem is with storing the results in
    >> swift. We have multiple writers and want to create a directory
    >> structure which can be traversed reasonably effectively, i. e. we need
    >> sortable file names. Either by having a counter at the end similar to
    >> jenkins (trusty/amd64/foo/37) or by having a timestamp
    >> (trusty/amd64/foo/20140314-150135) with extra .<number> suffixes on
    >> collisions. But I see no documented way of doing this kind of "lock
    >> this file name", "get me an increased global counter", or "start a
    >> file system transaction" on swift, which makes swift fairly hard to
    >> use for concurrent writes.

    > My askopenstack question confirmed that swift has no such locking
    > mechanism, and dir names simply need to be unique.

Yes, that was my understanding, swift is an object store not a
distributed file system (no lock nor rename at
http://docs.openstack.org/api/openstack-object-storage/1.0/content/storage_object_services.html ).

    > So I propose to use the date, time, and host name of the executor,
    > which still sorts reasonably well, isn't too long, and also useful
    > for humans to read, such as

    >   trusty/amd64/libfoo/20140314-150135-alderamin

Sounds fine.

I'm surprised the package version doesn't appear there tough.


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