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Bug#737242: adt-run: suboptimal diagnostics if all tests were skipped

Hello Jakub,

Jakub Wilk [2014-01-31 19:21 +0100]:
> adequate             SKIP Test breaks testbed but testbed does not advertise revert-full-system

At least that explains what's going on.

> adt-run: @@@@@@@@@@ run_tests ...
> *                    SKIP package has metadata but no tests

That's indeed confusing, I'll look into fixing that.

> Additionally, the exit status is 10, which is not one of
> the codes documented in the manual page:
> # echo $?
> 10

That's 8 + (binary or) 2, i. e. "no tests in this package" |
"at least one test skipped". The 8 is indeed confusing, but at least
it is consistently confusing with the "no tests" message above :-)


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