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Bug#737632: autopkgtest: adt-run builds packages differently to the buildd

Hi Martin,

> However, dpkg-buildpackage also defines env vars like
> $DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH these days, which some packages use but don't
> define. Granted, this is a bug in debian/rules and we have fixed a
> number of them, but these days I really consider dpkg-buildpackage as
> the primary interface to building binaries.
> Therefore I fully agree to replacing "debian/rules build" with
> "dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -b", to do the same thing as our buildds.

that would mimic the buildd case and sounds like a good solution to the 
problem to me. autopkgtest would then also benefit immediately from any changes 
to dpkg-buildpackage that were driven by policy in the behaviour of the clean 
target, environment etc.


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