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autopkgtest_2.5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable


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Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 07:31:22 +0100
Source: autopkgtest
Binary: autopkgtest autopkgtest-xenlvm
Architecture: source all
Version: 2.5
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Autopkgtest team <autopkgtest-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Martin Pitt <mpitt at debian.org>
 autopkgtest - automatic as-installed testing for Debian packages
 autopkgtest-xenlvm - Xen/LVM2 based testbed snapshot system
Closes: 648148 698551 729790 729791
 autopkgtest (2.5) unstable; urgency=low
   Behaviour changes:
   * Drop --output-dir option. It has never really been useful as it only works
     for paths in the testbed, has a confusing semantics, is redundant with
     --tmp-dir, and currently even crashes adt-run. (Closes: #729790)
   * Rename --tmp-dir option to --output-dir, as its main purpose is really to
     collect test artifacts. Keep --tmp-dir alias for backwards compatibility.
   * Drop --override-control option. It complicates the code too much for its
     very limited utility, and it was not even documented in the manpage.
   * Drop --paths-testbed (and thus also --paths-host) options. There is no
     use case for them.
   * Add short options for common command line options: -B for
     --no-built-binaries, -o for --output-dir, -l for --log-file,
     -u for --user.
   * Clean up uninteresting files from --output-dir directory.
   * Tests which want to create additional artifacts can now put them into the
     $ADT_ARTIFACTS directory. When using the --output-dir option, they will be
     copied into <outputdir>/artifacts/. Document this new feature in
     README.package-tests. (LP: #1137763)
   Packaging changes:
   * Drop obsolete autodebtest Conflicts/Replaces.
   * Update copyright years.
   * Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5. No changes necessary.
   * CREDITS: Add myself.
   * Makefile: Support $DESTDIR, like automake.
   * Adjust sharedir* defaults in settings.make to what we actually want, and
     drop their overrides in debian/rules
   * Move debian/rules to using dh.
   * Add ./run-from-checkout script to run adt-run from the git checkout or
     source package. Change tests/adt-run to use it.
   * Add tests/run-parallel to run tests for different runners in parallel.
   Bug fixes:
   * Fix OSError crash if --output-dir/--tmp-dir does not exist.
     (Closes: #729791)
   * Pass line number to Test constructor argument, to be able to report proper
     errors instead of crashing. (side issue in #698551)
   * Fix exit code for "Unsupported" error.
   * When encountering an unsupported test, report only this test as skipped,
     not all the others in the same "Tests:" stanza.
   * README.package-tests: Test names must not contain '/'. (Closes: #698551)
   * Create manpage for adt-virt-schroot. (first half of #695974)
   * Fix "su: must be run from a terminal" failure when running as user and
     testbed doesn't provide root-on-testbed. (Closes: #648148)
   * Add bandaid to avoid mixing order of stdout and stderr in the log file
     when reporting results.
   Code cleanup:
   * Simplify logging by dropping the explicit functions for writing to stderr
     plus log, and instead set up pipes so that the whole stdout/stderr will be
     tee'd into the logfile.
   * Replace the usage of the AutoFile classes (which are underdocumented,
     magic, and hard to understand) with a more explicit and much simpler
     TestbedPath class.
   * Stop installing the redundant /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/90autopkgtest into
     testbeds, and simplify invocation of apt-get.
   New test cases:
   * Access /dev/std{out,err} in a non-root test, like the "mafft" autopkgtest
   * --log-file test cases for chroot and schroot runners.
   * schroot and LXC runner test cases for installing built binaries.
   * --output-dir in schroot runner with complete package build.
   * Recommends do not get installed by default.
   * Test case with '/' in the name.
   * --user option for schroot and null runners.
   * breaks-testbed restriction for all runners.
 167187f8f10f4ab9c97bf769240cce2be254ce5d 1745 autopkgtest_2.5.dsc
 c0adbe8bc994c98a808821ce21965ba65d00145e 91702 autopkgtest_2.5.tar.gz
 e029be7ec98f9ccbb501b82457a54d118c34e94c 68334 autopkgtest_2.5_all.deb
 8d02de92c214780bfb2e48a0574e00514220b40a 30030 autopkgtest-xenlvm_2.5_all.deb
 8cac64d800223f27fb03fca519898b596b3bb0f13d6d516084dc57c49fd60e7e 1745 autopkgtest_2.5.dsc
 866b0a8f312797d58e310bbbcaf96e463c372272285d1b7463ac130ef7708399 91702 autopkgtest_2.5.tar.gz
 cce31e59ec5fd3f038a34914000acd2dd863141a9804b9543e7dea25d7ee172a 68334 autopkgtest_2.5_all.deb
 b62ac19fd08ba8c05febb6de01407afec3a34f1283bb938ac1b4260396757c50 30030 autopkgtest-xenlvm_2.5_all.deb
 fd4b9b26626ca8d8bcb16a1e69663d99 1745 devel optional autopkgtest_2.5.dsc
 fa46a4c9380831ce672cc7613c88540b 91702 devel optional autopkgtest_2.5.tar.gz
 440d255bdf867d1c5f91f67c3b2a5d6a 68334 devel optional autopkgtest_2.5_all.deb
 fbc9c54284d6ba21a8d438b97fcfa74a 30030 devel optional autopkgtest-xenlvm_2.5_all.deb

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