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Bug#720458: autopkgtest: allow tests to depend on Build-Depends installed

Hello Ansgar,

Ansgar Burchardt [2013-08-22  9:24 +0200]:
>   Depends: @, ${source:Build-Depends}
> This would be useful for Perl modules where the test suite is already run at
> build time. Otherwise one would have to maintain another copy of those
> dependencies: there are alread build, test and runtime dependencies in
> Build-Depends, runtime dependencies in Depends. Having to maintain another list
> of test-only dependencies in d/tests/control is not nice.

I'm not against providing this, but NB that this should be treated
with some care: One important point of autopkgtest ist to verify
correct packaging, which includes that your package's dependencies are
correct. If you specify lots of extra dependencies which aren't
directly related to running tests, it's more likely to paper over
actually missing binary dependencies.

Also, I guess most of the build dependencies shouldn't be needed for
those, as you don't actually need to build these packages? (You need
to take care to not run the tests against the source tree module,
after all).



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