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Attention: Beneficiary,

Attention: Beneficiary,

This is to inform you that the United Nation executive Committee members on Public Economic and Social Affairs had a meeting with representatives around the Globe regarding funds held in Africa and others countries with African origin and your file was brought, the Executives came to a conclusion that we have to pay you the sum of US$5.5M and the balance will come later.

Meanwhile, I was informed yesterday by my regional director that two gentlemen and a lawyer came to his office in place of you that you have sent them to come and collect your funds on your behalf because your name was mentioned at the meeting, which was found from a file seized from one the suspended bank official, name withed for security reasons. 

But very surprised to him because he is not in the position to give any details concerning your funds, so he told them to come back in five days to have time and contact you for clarification. They have come with this below account information for the transfer.

Name: Robert Morris
Bank name: Citi bank Arizona, U.S.A.
Account number: 6503809428.

Therefore do let us know immediately if you are the one that sent these men so that we can process the transfer, your immediate respond is urgently needed.
Mr. Kenneth James
U.N Official.
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