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autopkgtest'ing against multiple Python versions

On Mon, 23 Apr 2012, Jakub Wilk wrote:
> Maybe it was not a good example after all. :) I just realized that,
> according to adt-run, the tests were failed. I didn't notice this
> before because there was nothing at the end of adt-run's output that
> would indicate that something went awry.

> The ?failures? was caused by the following misfeature of the
> specification: ?if a test [?] prints to stderr, it is considered to
> have failed.? But nosetests does print stuff to stderr even if
> everything is all right (see bug #460242).

yikes -- doesn't it fail if underlying "test command" returns with non-0
exit code?  IMHO that should be the criterion, not catching stderr,
which might have some spurious output from tests which might be testing
either application handles erroneous cases correctly (where it
might output to stderr).

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