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Re: 有關 WindowManagers 顯示中文問題

On Fri, 26 May 2000, Kam Tik wrote:

> 各位好!
> 請問要使 Window Managers (WindowMaker, Enlightenment, etc) 能夠顯示中文
> 應該用甚麼方法?(e.g. Menu, Title bar, etc) (不會再用 CXWin 吧...) 是否只
> 有用 CV Wrapper?
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> Kam Tik
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For me,just use XA+CV.......in /etc/environment ,I just add
export LD_PRELOAD=xxxxxxx/wrap.so
export CV_MODE=a
export XA_MODE=1...

By the  way,can I just use CV,but not use XA?
I find that when I use XA+CV with licq (the one in potato),
before I input some character from keyboard..It can display the chinese,
but after I try to type something....It says unresolved symbol xxxxxx
and then it hang.....

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