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[FWD]: 標 題: UNIX下的字典-星際譯王1.31(源碼、執行碼)-不可不試

[posted and mailed]

Found in: http://bbs.dlut.edu.cn/cgi-bin/bbscon?TSH_Linux/M.950525764.A=7031
GB code.

µo«H¤H: ansu (¬P»Ú¤H), «H°Ï: Linux
¼Ð¡@ÃD: UNIX¤Uªº¦r¨å-¬P»ÚĶ¤ý1.31(·½½X¡N°õ¦æ½X)-¤£¥i¤£¸Õ
µo«H¯¸: BBS ¤ô¤ì²MµØ¯¸ (Mon Feb 14 15:10:16 2000)
[37m¡° ¨Ó·½:¡EBBS ¤ô¤ì²MµØ¯¸ smth.org¡E[FROM:]

[¤W¤@½g] [¥»°Q½×°Ï] [¦^«H] [¤U¤@½g]

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