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Fwd: How to commit a new architecture like RISC-V

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3A5000 芯片的机器,估计现在在市场上是无法买到的,哎。

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主题: Re: How to commit a new architecture like RISC-V
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On Tue, May 11, 2021 at 9:47 AM zhangjialing wrote:

    We have a new architecture , We have compiled a lot of packages.Now the system can work normally .

I think you are talking about LoongArch? I read that CPUs supporting
it can also run MIPS, ARM, RISC-V and x86 binaries. Are there any
advantages to a new port instead of the existing binaries?


    We want to submit to debian like RISC-V. Please What documents(or others) can we refer to.

I would suggest to read the PortTemplate wiki page. Each item on it
should be completed for LoongArch to eventually become a viable Debian
port. Once you have read through it, followed each of the links and
you know the new Debian architecture names for LoongArch, you can
create new wiki pages for each of the architectures, then fill out the
template as you complete each item. Currently only the ia64 wiki page
was organised like this, other architecture wiki pages grew




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