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[From Foxconn] Confirm Debian OS support for DCPMM

Hi Debian Engineers, 
    This is GaoHong from Foxconn SIT team. I have a question need your help.  And I want to confirm with you whether Debian OS support for DCPMM or not?
    For our test, reboot sever after create Appdirect mode, the namespaces should be create with "ndctl create-namespace". However, with Debian 9.6, the namespace will auto create after change to appdirect mode.  And the "ndctl create-namespace" can't use for creating namespace under debian OS.
    Use the same DCPMM management tools, there is no issue in Ubuntu18.04 or Fedora29.
    Could you please help confirm if Debian OS support DCPMM? 
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thanks in advance!

Ellie Gao(高红)

Office: (022)59831688-38527
Cell phone: (+86)-17703196283
Mail: srt-sit-ellie@foxconn.com


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