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Re: ibus-pinyin: Unable to get it to work on Debian Stretch

> On Mon, 7/10/17, Boyuan Yang <073plan@gmail.com> wrote:
>Subject: Re: ibus-pinyin: Unable to get it to work on Debian Stretch
>To: "Zach Williams" <zesw2the@yahoo.com>
>Cc: debian-chinese-gb@lists.debian.org
>Date: Monday, July 10, 2017, 2:48 AM
>First of all, you are encouraged to write Chinese in this maillist. Nevertheless English is acceptable.
Thank you for your suggestion. I am unable to post in Chinese because:

1. I am not a native Chinese speaker. My command of Chinese is only at intermediate level (whatever it means.....)
2. My Debian Stretch is having problems with ibus-pinyin. There is no way I can post in Chinese.

>Some extra configurations might be necessary too based on the DE you are using.

What are those extra configurations? Can you elaborate? I am using the minimal Gnome DE.
>You are recommended to uninstall other input methods like fcitx

The only Chinese input method that I installed is ibus-pinyin.

>and remove any customized instructions about environment variable exporting inside ~/.bashrc, ~/.profile, ~/.xprofile etc in advance
>if there's any, to prevent any unexpected interference coming from third party configurations.

I don't understand what you meant by "customized instructions about environment variable exporting inside....". My knowledge of Debian and Linux is only elementary.

Can you elaborate or do you want me to post the contents of my ~/.bashrc, ~/.profile, ~/.xprofile?
>You are recommended to set your locale to zh_CN.UTF-8 for a complete (Simplified) Chinese environment.

I can't because my wife doesn't read and write Chinese.
>You need to install a complete set of ibus. As previously said in the mail according to the output of im-config, extra packages like
>ibus-qt4, ibus-gtk, ibus-gtk3 and many more packages should be installed in advance. I also noticed that you did not install the
>"ibus" package, which should be fixed.

What are the "many more packages" that I should install in advance?

I checked the package description of ibus-qt4 and it says: "ibus-qt4 is the QT4 client of ibus, it provide a qt-immodule for ibus." I don't use QT4 client of ibus and therefore I didn't install it.

According to Synaptic, I did install the "ibus" package. The checkbox next to it is colored green.

>You also need to install at least one concrete input method for Chinese, like ibus-pinyin(DEPRECATED AND NOT RECOMMENDED),
> ibus-libpinyin or ibus-rime.

You wrote that ibus-pinyin has been deprecated and thus not recommended for use. Please recommend me a Chinese input method that is in active development. Thank you.
>Now that you are using GNOME Shell, please reboot the system after previous installation and check GNOME Control Center for the
>settings for locale and languages.

Where is the Gnome Control Center? I'm sorry for asking that question because my knowledge of Debian and Linux is elementary.

>You must select the IM source from the list. For example, select "汉 语 (Intellegent Pinyin)"

What list is that? On my laptop machine, there is an icon called "Input Method". Is it the "IM source" you were referring to?

>if you installed ibus-libpinyin. Then rerun im-config and select ibus. Read all instructions *again* and install any missing packages.

I did it multiple times and each time, ibus-pinyin failed to launch.
>Reboot again and you should notice an icon on the top-right corner for IM. Use super+space to switch between different IMs.

I rebooted my machines multiple times and no icon for IM appeared on the top-right corner. What did I do wrong?

>There are other noteworthy articles about IBus around the Internet, like this one on Arch Wiki ( https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php
>/IBus). Arch Linux is slightly different from Debian but most of the contents should be applicable.

Thanks for your tip. I shall have a look at it.



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