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Re: Jigdo fails to download image

於 2013年01月17日 01:19, Hormatzhan Yiltiz 提到:
> Hi there!
> Just like you, I am persuaded (by the powers of debian.org :-) in using *
> Jigdo* to download .iso images.
> I can only access to debian.org or any of its mirrors via *ipv6*, and *Jigdo
> * seems like cannot resolve the *ipv6* connection. And I can ping to
> www.debian.org.

jigdo-lite (in Debian) use wget, so it supports ipv6. However, I don't
know about the windows version of jigdo.

btw, you'd better use "http://ftp.cn.debian.org/debian"; as jigdo mirror,
rather than using the main mirror. This site is generally accessible in
China. (and you need a proper subject.)

> Some outputs of the command are below:
> p.s. I am using M$ for now, due to the dead hard drive.
> *Salute!*


GUO Yixuan

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