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Configuring Chinese Big5 and GB support in Debian Linux 6.0.3 squeeze

I am a debian user based in Singapore and because I am developing
applications intended for a PRC China in simplified chinese as well as
audiences based in ROC China in traditional chinese can somebody please
point me to a suitable approach to get both languages configured and
installed onto my system.

My current Debian 6.0.3 squeeze setup is configured to run on Gnome
2.30.2 and while my preferred way to install packages is via Debian
mirrors and disc media through Software Center any better approach is

Thanks very much for any replies :)

Moments ago I was running a 2nd Debian graphical installation on Sun
Virtualbox and I noticed that this should be configured during setup as
it happened I chose English UK as default language and overlooked the
fact that i may need other language packs.

But so far my experience with Debian has been great.
Lionel Lin
take care of lionel and the world will take care of itself

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