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Re: 郵件列表禮儀 - was Re: 怎么下载manpage啊?

* Huang, Tao <debian@huangtao.me> [2011-04-29 08:25:37 +0800]:

> 2011/4/28 Kane Dou <douqilong@gmail.com>:
> > Better not separate signature lines using dashes.
> is that really necessary? why is it so?
> i'll gladly change my posting style if those dashes in the signature do make
> a difference or mean something.

I guess it'll be easy for others to strip the signature while replying.

But anyhow it's just a suggestion, and here is another one:
The dashes better be followed by a literal space.

Ideas' stolen from this post[1].

[1]  http://larve.net/people/hugo/2000/03/email


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