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谁知道Debian 6.0是否支持4kn磁盘?

Windows 7 和 2008 R2 开始支持 512e 磁盘了:


Support for Hard Disk Formats based on Windows OS Version

Common Name(s)                  Physical sector size    Logical sector size     Windows Version with Support
512 Native, Legacy              512 bytes               512 bytes               All Windows versions
Advanced Format, 512e, 4k/512e  4 KB                    512 bytes               Windows 7 with MS KB 982018
                                                                                Windows 7 SP1
                                                                                Windows Server 2008 R2 with MS KB 982018
                                                                                Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
4K Native, 4kn, 4k/4k           4 KB                    4 KB                    Not supported yet, plan to support
Other                           Not 4 KB or 512 bytes   Not 4 KB or 512 bytes   Not supported

似乎 Linux 已经支持 512e 磁盘很久了,但是我不知道 Linux 是否支持 4kn 磁盘 ?


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