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packages broken on debian / Lemote?

hello. I uses Debian lenny/sid (as was told in /etc/debian_version) on Lemote 2F. I did not install debian, it comes with Debian pre-installed.

I wonder if you also come across broken applications, a.k.a. program that quit with a segment falt or doesn't start. I came acroess many.

* xmame (complain binary arch incompatible)
* DictionaryReader.app (segfalt, however if I compile from source it works)
* freemind (start with blank main window)
[some others]

I could name about 6 applications if I try to remember carefuly 'cos I used it for 1/2 year and this is the fifirst complaint.

Anyway I am gald they ship with debian pre-installed.

p.s. sorry could not write Chinese. I run GNUMail which currently doesn't support Chinese.

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