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how to setup a local website for storing some debian packages?

sometimes we have some standalone packages to install, it's not in the
offical mirrors. I'm a web developer so I hope I can make a local
website to store these packages, then I add a line "deb
http://localhost/debian unstable main contrib non-free" into my
source.list file, then these packages can be installed seamlessly with
other offical packages.
I'm able to setup a website using apache, but I need the instructions
about how to place those standalone packages into my localwebsite and
make it work with official packages, could you give me a example to do
this thing? thanks

I'm a debian user and a web developer(XML+XSLT+AJAX+PostgreSQL+PHP) in
City of Shanghai, China.
Welcome to add my IMs! (msn) starliu@live.com (xmpp) minxinjianxin@gmail.com
HomePage http://starliu dot 9966 dot com [It's only available when my
personal machine is running, on which it's hosted.]

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