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Re: how could i get the hexadecimal content in memory at address FFFF0000-FFFFFFF0?

On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 4:22 PM, shell909090 <shell909090@gmail.com> wrote:
> FFFF:0000, Too many F.
> That's a history story about DOS and CP/M times...
> When CPU has been reset, it will back to real mode and set SS=FFFF IP=0000.
> Here has some code which is mapped from BIOS. Sometime when we take a
> reflush to BIOS, will see something called "BootBlock", and can not be
> modified. This is what it used for. Commonly, it will do something like
> check memory, test if disk is ok, decide which device is used to boot, blah
> blah blah. Finally, It will get a block(about 512 bytes) of code, load it to
> 0000:7c00, then jump into it. It is the code we call MBR. Then, Computer is
> booted.
> If u wanna to get this code, try to read BIOS.

可是怎么read bios呢?我可不想去读一堆C代码,我想直接读机器码,我会按照cpu手册去翻译机器码的

Shanghai, China

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