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Re: 升级内核后无法启动进入Linux

On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 09:21:31AM +0800, shell909090 wrote:
> Mickey Fox 写道:
> > 今天我再试了试,进入ash后用mount可以挂载成功,只是必须显式地指定文件
> > 系统类型:-text3。我平常习惯都是不指定的,没想到这里必须指定。
> >   
> 这里说个题外话,平时我也不指定mount的系统类型参数,不过我知道那是fstab里
> 面已经指定的结果。在安装盘的急救模式下是必须指定呢,还是可以自动测试,有
> 没有人知道?

按 mount(8) 手册页的说法,是自动测试的:
    If  no  -t  option  is  given, or if the auto type is specified,
    mount will try to guess the desired type.  If mount was compiled
    with  the  blkid  library, the guessing is done by this library.
    Otherwise, mount guesses itself by probing  the  superblock;  if
    that  does  not turn up anything that looks familiar, mount will
    try to read the file /etc/filesystems,  or,  if  that  does  not
    exist,  /proc/filesystems.   All  of the filesystem types listed
    there will be tried, except for those that are  labeled  "nodev"
    (e.g.,  devpts,  proc, nfs, and nfs4).  If /etc/filesystems ends
    in a line with a single * only, mount will  read  /proc/filesys‐
    tems afterwards.


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