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KDSETKEYCODE: No Such Device. Cannot Set scancode xx to keycode xxx.

Hi guys:

I installed debian 4.0R1 etch on my DELL pc and have been working on it for days.

All of a sudden when I reboot the system (maybe has some thing with what I did on gnome package management), the system can not start X automatically, and there are many error messages during startup:
" failed to set scancode 89 to keycode 161
KDSETKEYCODE: No such device
failed to set scancode 85 to keycode 224
KDSETKEYCODE: No such device

after I login in, I can start X manually, and the GNOME desktop can be started working fine.

Does anybody has idea of how to repair this? I don't know if there is something wrong potentially with the hardware or not.

Thank you guys.

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