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American Cannibal - In Theaters Now

Title: Festival Rag v01.03

A note from Dave Roberts, former Managing Editor.

American CannibalTo the glorious readers of the colossally defunct Festival RAG:

Dave Roberts, here.

Yeah, thee Dave Roberts.

Many of you have written asking about the film American Cannibal, the documentary that followed former editor-in-chief Gil Ripley and yours truly around for two years.

This is my official word on the film: Although I would have preferred some things were not included in the film, both Gil and I feel that it is a fair account of what happened.

The girl who was hurt on the Island is apparently fine and the video on YouTube makes it look a lot worse than it was (yes, the viral video bane http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAXsb8nl1G8).

I am in LA, acting, getting voice over gigs and very close to selling Virgin Territory, the show we first pitched in American Cannibal. To the one and only reader who wanted to know if we give our OKAY to see the film: the answer is yes.

It is very entertaining and thought-provoking and I urge you to check it out - the film is playing at Cinema Village, downtown Manhattan, and you can buy tickets online (cinemavillage.com).

And stay tuned for Virgin Territory, coming soon...

Virgin Territory

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