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Re: debian增加用户的命令是什么?

On Mon, Nov 27, 2006 at 06:07:56PM +0800, Quinn Li wrote:
> sarge里面是 base-config 这个包
> dpkg-reconfigure base-config就可以重新出那个界面
> 现在 etch里面用什么不知道 ,base-config不存在了

etch 的 Debian 安装程序用来设定用户及密码的 package 叫做 user-setup。这
个 package 在普通的源里也有,可以安装,但是从描述来看似乎只适合建立第一

Description: Set up initial user and password
 This package creates an initial user, using the same code as is
 responsible for creating the initial user in the installer. It is only
 likely to be of any use if your system has no non-system users at all.


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