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Re: debian增加用户的命令是什么?


2006/11/27, Quinn Li <quinn.liqin@gmail.com>:
sarge里面是 base-config 这个包
dpkg-reconfigure base-config就可以重新出那个界面

现在 etch里面用什么不知道 ,base-config不存在了

参考 :

base-config was the second stage of the Debian installation process,
first for the boot-floppies and later for debian-installer. I wrote
and maintained it for a long time, but it's now not needed by d-i
anymore, since d-i does everything in the first stage and doesn't need
a second stage, so base-config has happily been obsoleted.

If you're wondering what to use to replace the old base-config
command, I don't have a good answer really. If you're looking for a
replacement to the apt-setup command that used to be in base-config, I
suggest using a copy of the Debian mirror list and nano
/etc/apt/sources.list. apt-setup is actually available in Debian
still, in a much simplified form and currently only as a udeb,
although with some coding that could be changed..

On 11/27/06, cnhnln cnhnln < cnhnln@gmail.com> wrote:
> 不是adduser、useradd之类。而是安装debian的时候那个增加用户界面,是什么来的啊?
> 谢谢

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