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iVoice, Inc., a well-financed, publicly traded company, is looking to acquire companies.

iVoice, Inc., is a well-financed, publicly traded company which is looking to acquire companies in one of various markets.  We are well financed for its acquisition program, having over $11 million in cash on our balance sheet and the availability for additional financing at hand. In addition, as a public company, it has stock which is available to use as currency for acquisitions.


We are looking to implement a roll-up strategy, acquiring the best and brightest technology, marketing and other industry companies and bringing them together under the umbrella of a single organization.  Our principal interest is in companies with proprietary intellectual property serving a significant market segment, or an entity which otherwise has a defensible market position in its space.  We have capital, and are looking to deploy it with a company with an exciting market opportunity.


We believe your company may fit the profile of what we are looking for.


Our plan would be for management to remain in place, and to provide the company with the capital required to implement its business plan.  Back office operations would be centralized to reduce duplication of expenses, and employees would be eligible to participate in an incentive stock option program.  Our goal is to reach $50 million in revenue over the next several years.


If there is any interest on your part in becoming involved in such a transaction, please give me a call.  I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss this with you.


Please contact either:

Jerry Mahoney 
iVoice, Inc. 
750 Rt. 34 
Matawan, NJ 07747 
Tel: 732-441-7700 "Just Say His Name" 
Fax: 732-441-9895 

Bruce R. Knef
732-441-7700 just say my name
732-441-9895 Fax





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