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Re: waiting for root file systems...


kernel 2.4 does not support sata harddisk, only 2.6 can. in sarge,
when you install, you can give hte option linux26 during boot, so you
install 2.6 kernel.

i think that is the problem.


On 8/28/06, suse.lee@gmail.com <suse.lee@gmail.com> wrote:
hi all:
我的机器是Linux debian 2.4.27-2-386 #1 Wed Nov 30 21:38:51 JST 2005 i686
GNU/Linux hardware 基本为P4 2.93  200G seagate sata硬盘 intel 的某款芯片组(915gv??)
root 分区在/dev/hda9
testing 最近在升级内核至2.6.16-2-686时,重新启动后会出现一行waiting for root file
system...后挂起大约10分钟后出现错误. 是否有人像我一样出现过类似得问题?

如果有解决方法请指点一二 谢谢!

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