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Re: Your Immediate Reply Needed

Hello Friend,

With due respect and humbleness, I am writing you this letter to request with my sincere heart for your assistance and hoped that my request shall meet you in good condition.

My name is Arusi Ikwunnam Mike, i am 21 year's old,my father died of AIDS Virus last 3 months ago ( may his gentle soul rest in peace )during his time in hospital, he briefed me in close confidence of his Money, which is about: US$ 14.million that he left in a foreign country for safe keeping as the resort of insecurity in our country due to the civil war, this Money as he told me was made for the purchase of industrial plant's before he failed ill unfortunately and was dead.

In the process of securing this Money, i left my country and has now arrived here in Senegal as my father advised me
before his untimely death to move this Money to any foreign country of my choice where it will be properly invested as it is not safe investing in our country due to the civil war.

It is based on this advise that i am contacting you as i am just a student and does not have any knowledge of investmenting this whole Money.My alternative email address is :
(arusikwunnam4@yahoo.co.in )

Yours Sincerely,
Arusi Ikwunnam Mike.

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