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Re: 转Utf8引来一堆乱码

Use remote X (XDMCP)or vnc as you like.
Run a X server on your local station and use XDMCP to loginto the server.
It will take all the env as same as *dm does, so that is mostly like run level 5 on the server.
And vnc is real level 5 on server.

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"HaiMing.Yin" <epaulin@gmail.com> 写于 2006-05-23 15:22:18:

> On 5/23/06, Xiao Lei Wu <xiaoleiw@cn.ibm.com> wrote:
> > startx is just running a program in level 3
> >  It's diffrent with change to level 5, although you can make them very same.
> >  And dms can prepare many of environments such like i18n, vnc and so on. And
> > all them are shell-less.
> >  The standard way of modern *nix is to use init 5 with *dm instead of
> > login+startx on init 3.
> >
> sounds good for desktop and workstation, how about server.

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