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Re: vim 7.0 有没有 debian 的包?

On 12/20/05, JulyClyde@LinuxApp.newsmth <julyclyde@gmail.com> wrote:
> vim7是什么时候出的?
> 2005/12/20, Carlos Liu <about.linux@gmail.com>:
> > 一个很旧的版本 http://people.debian.org/~nobse/vim7/
Vim 7 is currently being developed. It includes many new features and
improvements, such as:

    * Vim script enhancements: Lists, Dictionaries, profiling, etc.
    * On-the-fly Spell checking.
    * Translated manual pages.
    * Internal grep, faster and portable.
    * Printing multi-byte text.

What you can obtain is a snapshot. This is a highly instable version.
It might not even compile. Only use this when you are a Vim developer.


 Best Regards

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