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Re: can't read my hanzi files with firefox

You can try to specify the encoding of current page (test.txt) to UTF-8.

after you download the webpage, maybe the page saved is GB2312 encoded.

On Sat, 27 Nov 2004 02:08:55 -0800
Jean-Michel besnard <besnard@tekkno.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> I can read the hanzi from different chinese websites, however when I try to
> read my own files with firefox I only get weird characters.
> As an example, I have written some characters in a file called test.txt
> available at http://www.besnard.org/~besnard/test.txt
> the 'file' utility says:
> $file test.txt
> test.txt: UTF-8 Unicode text
> a screenshot in gedit:
> http://www.besnard.org/~besnard/gedit.png
> a screenshot of the file once open in firefox:
> http://www.besnard.org/~besnard/firefox.png
> Again, I generally have no problems browsing chinese simplified characters
> while browsing website with Firefox.
> Another interesting phenomenon:
> if I download a webpage in chinese (e.g http://www.china.com/index.html) and
> then open it with gedit, then all the chinese characters look as weird as the
> above mentioned one's I get in Firefox.
> Thanks,
> Jean-Michel
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