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Re: Display of Chinese TTF Fonts

Visit http://www.linuxsir.org/. I think you'll find what you want there.

Hong Yuan wrote:

Hi there,

I have been using the current Debian testing distribution and am not quite satisfied with the display of the Chinese fonts, like in mozilla. Following the Linux Font De-Uglificaiton Howto I tried to set up the rendering of Microsoft TTF fonts under Debian but there doesn't seem to be much improvments, particually at small font sizes. The Howto is partly out of date by the way.

Does anybody know of good documentations on this topic? For example, from the different methods of rendering TTF fonts, e.g. using XFree86 alone (freetype or xtt module), using xfs, xfs-tt and xfs-xtt, which one yield the best visual effects?

If anyone has set up your Debian system to achieve the same display as under Windows, can you tell me how did you configure the system?

Best Regards
Hong Yuan

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