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add simsun to debian? Xcin errors!

  How to add simsun font to Debian?
  When I start "xcinterm-gb", i got error:

wuming@husky:~$ XCIN (Chinese XIM server) version 2.5.3-pre2.
(module ver: 20010918, syscin ver: 20000210).
(use "-h" option for help)

xcin: locale "zh_CN.GB2312" encoding "gb2312"
xcin: error: /etc/xcinrc:
       IM section "array30": SETKEY: value not specified.
/usr/bin/crxvt -fm "hanzigb16fs" -fn "-sony-*-16-*-iso8859-1" -im "xcin-zh_CN.GB2312" -bg black -fg white -geometry +0+0 -T "rxvt Chinese terminal (xcin, zh_CN.GB2312)"

what went wrong?


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