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Re: problems with debian chines FAQ!

ming husky,您好!


======= 2002-11-04 16:17:00 您在来信中写道:=======

>  i did try to install chinese support on my debian box manymany times,,but
>no one single time, i was successful,,I found that the debian chinese FAQ
>has  some bugs,,i follow the FAQ exactly,but still cannot finger out what's
>went wrong!
debian woody has some problem for chinese support.
here some important exp:
1: use tasksel to get chinese support,be sure to support Simp Chinese and Traditional Chinese
2: dpkg-reconfigure locales,be sure to check zh_*,en_US
>  Does the FAQ is wirten for Woody or still for older version! I run tasksel
>to get chinese support, do i need to config each single package?
>how can i get use of them,,,even i got error when i start Chinput!
>I just want the FAQ can be more on time and more spesific!
>Thanks,,,if i say something wrong ,sorry about that!
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