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The Forum for 21st Architecture Enterprises(2002)

 The Forum for 21st Architecture Enterprises (2002)
-----Globalization and Regional Characteristics


Enterprise Colleagues,
With the opening of architecture market after China affiliating WTO, more and more invite tenders are provided to
 make China one of the largest architecture markets in the world, which provides opportunities not only to international
 large-scale enterprises to enter Chinese market but also to Chinese enterprises to exploit international market as well.

Under this new circumstance, the Forum for 21st Architecture Enterprises will be held from Oct.26th to 28th, 2002 in 
Beijing. With the theme of "Globalization and Regional Characteristics", the Forum will promote exchanges and 
co-operations of architecture industry among countries, regions and enterprises as well as provide an open platform
 for the architecture industry by drawing lessons from international advanced manufacture, technology 
and administration experiences.

The aim of the Forum is to explore industry characteristics, grasp developing pulse, perceive market trend and create
 co-operation platform. The theme is outstanding and the viewpoint is distinct. With the support of many industrial experts 
and scholars domestically and internationally, the Forum will go beyond the era and have guidance, specialization and 
practicality. By directed and sponsored by enterprises, the theme of the Forum will be vivid and the atmosphere will be 
harmonious. Meanwhile, there are several small-scale symposiums and divided meeting places to help participants to 
discuss with different experts. Here the organizing committee zealously welcomes enterprise colleagues to join the Forum 
and hopes that everyone raises ones understanding, actively participates the Forum and grasps this precious opportunities.

The Organizing Committee of the Forum for 21st Architecture Enterprises
September 2002
tel£º86-10-68701243 68423188
fax£º86-10-68460120 68423050

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