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Re: Chinese KDE in woody.

On Mon, 14 Oct 2002 19:56:06 +0800, Kam Tik wrote:

> I'm sorry if it still doesn't work. Because it's a long time that I
> haven't touched KDE and I'm currently running sid. (in fact, I
> didn't try to install woody from stratch). But in my mind, what you
> need to do after configurating fonts and locale is to set font in
> the control center.

> Maybe I'll do some investigation around these months and hope to
> catch up with the cpanel soon.. :-)

> -- Kam Tik

I'm very sorry.
After setting:

kcontrol->Personalization->Country & Language

now the normal account could show Chinese.

By the way, although it's easy, but it hasn't mentioned in Chinese FAQ
section 4.3 .

I found it at:

Thank you all.

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