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Re: 关于安装硬碟MBR的问题

On Thu, 10 Oct 2002 15:44:42 +0800, Jacky Chung wrote:

> How to do fdisk HDD MBR (Clear SILO) on SPARC?  

Sorry, I know little about SPARC.

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> On Thu, 10 Oct 2002 01:53:25 +0800, Jacky Chung wrote:

>> 我使用sun ultra 60 SPARC系统安装了red hat linux 6.2 后来将red hat
>> linux 6.2移除想安装Debain 可是原来red hat linux 6.2的lilo占住了mbr 
>> 以致我无法顺利安装Debain 请教一下要如何在没有任何作业系统的情况下
>> fdisk or format sun microsystem HDD的mbr ?????  是否有好的工具建
>> 议.....

> When installing Debian, you could make a bood floppy. Then you could
> use the floppy to boot Debian to continue the customary
> installation.  After installing successfully, you could run
> liloconfig to over write the old MBR.  If you have a GRUB boot
> floppy, it will also work.

> By the way, get a mini floppy distribution of Linux is not bad.

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