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Re: chinput 3.0.2-10.woody.0 is ready for test

Yu Guanghui wrote:
> hi
>    The link is   http://people.debian.org/~ygh/chinput_3.0.2-10.woody.0_i386.deb . It's only for woody. ;-)
> 				Yu Guanghui

I've downloaded it and tried it.  Now I can input WuBi phrases.  Thank you
for such a quick response.

But how to add my own WuBi phrases?  Do I need to convert WuBi.tab to text
file, modify it, and convert it again to WuBi.tab?  I tried a few days ago,
but tab2txt reported such message:

input file is not a valid pingyin phrase file

Any advice?

Dai Yuwen

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