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Re: networking problem

If you are you using the Xircom card guess you are using a laptop, hehe :)
And you may have better luck on the debian-laptop@lists.debian.org list.
But here is my guess. /etc/init.d/networking is using ifup and 3 other
options that you can update in /etc/network/option/

(spoofing) is for 2.2 so.. it should be no or doesn't matter...
(ipforwarding) I don't think you are using your laptop as a router so.. no
(syncookie) ---- now here may be the where cookie located... if your
configuration is yes, try to turn it off see it help. What happen is ,
syncookie is flood protection protocol. It may very well slow down your
network card.
Good luck

Jiele :

>Hi, I got one strange problem with networking. 
>Originally, the network is fine. (ping www.yahoo.com usually 200ms)
>Then I restart networking by "/etc/init.d/networking restart"
>The network becomes very slow and unreliable (ping yahoo, 2000ms and 20%
>package lost)
>After rebooting the system, it is fine again. 
>I tried the above situation several times. The problem seems repeatable. 
>Anyone has any explanation? Thanks!
>Machine config:
>Kernel 2.4.18
>NIC: PCMCIA Xircom RealPort2 10M Ethernet

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