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Re: mount iocharset=cp950 debian 上怎办?

On 15 Jun 2002, Dan Jacobson wrote:
> dpkg -S 950
> No 950... only found:
> /lib/modules/2.2.20-idepci/fs/nls_cp437.o

On, you can try to install another 2.4.x kernel package or recompile one
by yourself(I am not sure the 2.4.x kernel package including nls_cp950.o
or not).

For recompile your kernel, you have to install kernel-source,
kernel-package, libncurses5-dev. After that you should just read the
/usr/share/doc/kernel-source-2.4.18/debian.README.gz to get the

> By the way, lsmod shows only af_packet.
> what is af_packet?
>  dpkg -S af_pac
> dpkg: *af_pac* not found.
> Is it for packet radio?
> Why am I so dumb that I can't find where to look?

I found below from /usr/src/linux/Documentation/Configure.help

Packet socket
  The Packet protocol is used by applications which communicate
  directly with network devices without an intermediate network
  protocol implemented in the kernel, e.g. tcpdump.  If you want them
  to work, choose Y.

  This driver is also available as a module called af_packet.o ( =
  code which can be inserted in and removed from the running kernel
  whenever you want).  If you want to compile it as a module, say M
  here and read <file:Documentation/modules.txt>; if you use modprobe
  or kmod, you may also want to add "alias net-pf-17 af_packet" to

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