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Re: 传输埠 "X/" 开启错误

[I cannot post to xcin@linux.org.tw because I dont want to subscribe,
so I post here:]
坟墓> xcin: 错误: IMOpenIM(): XIM 名称 "xcin" 传输埠 "X/" 开启错误。
坟墓> xcin: 可能你多开了个xcin,请检查。

常看到 on debian, 但仍然能用, 所以我不理它。  pstree shows no other
xcin too.  不理它否则怎办?

It seems that it is a xcinterm 副作用。

I also notice 为了 customize a 小小 setting, 大大的整个 xcinrc 要 copy
过来 :-(

Also the xcin window gets lower and lower on the screen.  Where can I
"raise" it?  In what file and what line do I do the Xresources raise command?
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