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故尚未达到如有些人上电台说 Linux is so easy

>> I installed chinese support from "tasksel", after all,My box looks
>> like no different from before,,it still cannot support chinese,input or
>> output. I konw I have to config it,but I didnot get it from the FAQ in
>> the project page . If somebody can share the experences,that would be great

A> Which version are you using? What have you done? Have you read the
A> debian-zh-faq-t?

A> The first thing shoule be set up the locale, and then you should install
A> the chinese fonts and put the fontpath into your xfree86 configuration
A> file. Please referenec the debian-zh-faq for the detials.

A> If you find any problem with the faq, please report here, we can try to
A> improve the faq. :-)

故尚未达到如有些人上电台说 Linux is so easy.  既然他按了「中文」希望
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