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Re: install problem

Andrew Lee wrote:

On Mon, 10 Jun 2002, mingwuming wrote:

  I installed chinese support from "tasksel", after all,My box looks
like no different from before,,it still cannot support chinese,input or
output. I konw I have to config it,but I didnot get it from the FAQ in
the project page . If somebody can share the experences,that would be great

Which version are you using? What have you done? Have you read the

The first thing shoule be set up the locale, and then you should install
the chinese fonts and put the fontpath into your xfree86 configuration
file. Please referenec the debian-zh-faq for the detials.

If you find any problem with the faq, please report here, we can try to
improve the faq. :-)

Good luck.

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After I changed my locale setting by "dpkg-reconfigure locales", the menu and xchat abiword all desplay chinese char. That's great!But when I start xchat,I get Warning on missing chinese char in FontSet section.
         When I follow the FAQ, I am not clear about follow:
2.4 After I add "alias ls='ls -show-control-shars' "to $(HOME)/.bashrc. I do "ls" cannot list the file in directory,I get invilid warning. And there is ./inputrc in my home directory.

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