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Re: KDE settings of Chinese

Dan Jacobson wrote:
>>>问题是使有者刚装 woody [yes, with all the chinese selections selected
>>>in tasksel ], 初次开 kde 被问何地何与,一点选国旗整个画面变乱码
>>>(actually all "??"), 看不道路怎再走一步?反正我已退到 icmwm.
>A> 初次登入 KDE 时应会启动 Desktop settings Wizard,此时选择 Taiwan and
>A> zh_TW.Big5 之后还缺少 Encoding big5 的设定,所以会整个画面变成乱码,
>A> 得自行开启控制台到个人化 => Country & Language 中去设定字型集 => big5-0
>A> 若因为乱码找不到我说得设定的话,就先登出,然后手动编辑
>反正, 新使用者规规矩矩地安装一定会碰到这, 所以这不及格, 必改。我们
>不能靠任何事前或事后说明。 既然灌 debian 时, the user has already told
>the debian installation process that he wants to Chinese on his new
>debian machine, 所以不应该一选国旗变千古恨。

I understand what you mean now... I think this need the maintainer to know
and take right action about that... i18n still need some work but I think
you are right about that. When use pick chinese install, that should able
to change all the kde setting auto magically... but I'm not sure how
the maintainer think about that. It should include Kde maintainer and
Chinese package maintainer. I will try to post it on Developer list also
and see what they think about that.

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