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Re: The reason of xpdf can't display Chinese Simplified in Debain Sid

在 2002-05-05 日 的 08:04, Edward Lee 写道: 
  Seems the list cannot handle utf8 email? will convert
  to big5 charset here.

  Xpdf-1.0 need patch to display CJK font correctly. I
  attach the patch. Sorry, I didn't check Simplified
  Chinese's CMap files. Those bugs will be correct
  in Xpdf-1.1, thanks Derek.

  And you need edit your xpdfrc file. You can find a
  add-to-xpdfrc example file in your Chinese cmap package.

Edward G.J. Lee
Yeah,the bug is in the add-to-xpdfrc,the 2nd line:

cidToUnicode Adobe-GB1 /usr/share/xpdf/chinese-simplified/Adobe-G1.cidToUnicode

missed a capital "B".

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