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Re: 请问如何用 Konqueror 看简体中文的网页?

After the locale is setup correctly you should able to see all menu in
chinese here is screen shot
Under the KControl you should able to change Country and Language, then
look and feel.
as show in the following

Good Luck
p.s. need to install the following package also

Steven Nien wrote:

>在 KDE 环境中, 包括 Konqueror/Kmail (不知还有没有其它的程式) 都
>无法显示中文简体的字型, 不知道是哪里有问题要设定? .. (已安装 arphic
>简体字型及 Microsoft 的 simsun 字型, 且在 Mozilla 0.9.9 是可以正常显
>执行 xlsfonts | grep gb2312 也可以找到简体的字型.
>我的环境是 Debian Woody, kdebase/kmail/konqueror v2.2.2-14, xfree86 
>v4.1.0-14, KDE 没有使用 AA.
>Steven Nien

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