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openmosix debian mini howto version 0.2

Hi all,
   I have this mini howto a little detailer changed.
   Any suggestion is wellcome. see:
shanghai china
Title: openmosix-debian-mini-howto

OpenMosix Debian mini HOWTO

version 0.2
Malix Ren

    I have a box of MMX166 and a thinkpad T22(PIII 900), both with Debian Woody installed.Here is a short description for playing with openmosix.

  1. install mosix package, because I need the /etc/mosix.map and /etc/init.d/mosix and etc.(now there is yet no corresponding deb files for openmosix );
  2. patch and recompile the kernel with your willing.
    I have used make-kpkg(in packages "kernel-packages") to make new kernel-image package, thus can i install it to every machine;
  3. /etc/hosts: mosix_1 mosix_2
  4. /etc/mosix.map
    1 mosix_1 1
    2 mosix_2 2
  5. in mosix_1 :
    ifconfig eth:0 netmask
    Actually I have 2 3COM 905B net card in MMX166 installed, as it serves as my Web Server and NAT Gateway for T22. So I configured it in my /etc/network/interfaces like this: 
  6.             auto eth1 iface eth1 inet static
              in mosix_2 :
                    ifconfig eth:0 netmask
              in /etc/network/interfaces :
                auto eth0
                iface eth0 inet static

  7. both box must have the /etc/hosts and /etc/mosix.map
  8. Since I used the eth1 for mosix_1, so it is not the default net enviroment for mosix. It is needed to:
    #cat 1 > /etc/mosix/mospe
  9. this is needed for "setpe -p" option, and the detail information is in "man setpe".
  10. test:
  11.     #awk 'BEGIN {for(i=0;i<10000;i++)for(j=0;j<10000;j++);}
        this will migrate.
        #awk 'BEGIN {for(i=0;i<10000;i++)for(j=0;j<10000;j++)print i,j;}
        this will not migrate,bcause of stdout used.
        #awk 'BEGIN {for(i=0;i<10000;i++)for(j=0;j<10000;j++)c=i+j;  print c;}
        calculation will migrate, and the result will back to the original box.

    hope it will help.

Shanghai China

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