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<<冰箱空调省电器>>招商(Introductory to AiYong energy saver)


联系人:曾福云  曾亮  
咨询电话:86-20-84613439  86-013802832046  86-013609685760
网址:www.aysdq.com.cn     E-mail:aysdq@sohu.com

Dear gentleman /lady:
How do you do! If the mails of we bring to you inconvenient and please help us to delete! 
The energy saver -- The electricity saving instrument for refrigerator and aircondition.
(Advertise for the national each province and municipality sincerely and act as agent and develop the business of mail-ordering)
This product is designed and produced based on the latest standard of national refrigerator(patent No:ZL99212326.7);Awarded gold prize from HK-and-To meet the demand of national and international market. New design,Easy operation and effective energy saving(Saving rate 15%-30%)。

Scope of application:
A type:Suitable for refrigerator, snow cupboard, drinking machine, electric blanket, electric heater,etc..
B type:Suitable for window type, hanging type, the cupboard type air conditioner and all kinds of refrigerators,etc..

Now our factory advertise for national each province and municipality agents sincerely, develop price at factory mail-order business by direct selling, details think our factory webpage.

Contact person: ZengFuYun   ZengLiang
The consulting telephone:86-20-84613439  86-013802832046  86-013609685760
The website:www.aysdq.com.cn     E-mail:aysdq@sohu.com

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